Making drones safer.


Mayday is a Completely Autonomous Parachute Deployment System

Mayday is a super smart device that uses basic machine learning to determine if your multi-rotor craft is crashing. If it detects a crash it can deploy before you can even react.

You can program the Mayday to to your servo release motions to protect against a crash. This allows it to be used with almost any recovery system on the market. To make things easy, Mayday was specifically designed to work with Mars Parachutes Systems.

Built like a brick wall.
Unlike many other RC/Multirotor products, the Mayday is fully input protected. What good is a safety device that can’t protect itself? Since it is fully input protected, we can do space saving things like putting the servo connector right next to the battery connector.

 We are thrilled to announce that all Mayday boards are fully compatible with our new NOVA Radio System! In order to make safety a number 1 Priority we are offering options like Manual deployment and Auto deployment .Visit us on Kickstarter.


Find it on the Downloads Page.

The Mayday is here! Check out our products page to get yours today. Mayday constantly monitors your quadcopter for any abnormal activity and steps in when you need it most. Combined with a parachute, Mayday is the best fail-safe system for your craft and those around it.

Mayday will continue to improve with diagnostics, data collection, optional battery backup, and other cool features. If you have any questions or comments please send us an email at Thank you to all our Kickstarter backers for bringing the Mayday to where it is today.