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do you have a video on How to setup

Please watch this video for basic setup: here

My Mayday is not calibrating successfully, or is stuck in the white flashing mode. Why?

Try placing the Mayday on a level surface resting on one of its six axis. Avoid ANY vibration or motion that could cause it to restart the IMU calibration process. If it keeps flashing for over a minute, or flashes red, contact us at

What battery should I use to power the Mayday?

The mayday can use a 1s – 3s lipo or 9v battery. Lipo battery’s without an internal cutoff can cause a false deployment if the battery falls below 3 volts.

Does the Mayday come with a battery?

No the Mayday does not come with a battery. We designed Mayday to be able to take many different kinds of power sources so that finding a battery is simple.

Do I have to update the firmware?

Yes. To make sure the Mayday acts the way it is intended. The firmware need to be updated after purchase and whenever firmware updates are released.

How do I set up manual deployment?

Manual deployment is not currently supported by the mayday firmware but will be added in a future firmware update.

How can I test the mayday?

The Mayday can be bench tested by rotating the Mayday in a continuous direction for a few seconds (this direction can not be the same axis as the one used for calibration.) Do not drop the Mayday and expose the Mayday to large amounts of shock as this may damage one or more of the sensors in the Mayday and make the system less reliable.

How can I make sure the mayday will not falsely deploy on my craft?

Once calibrated and armed the mayday can be mounted on the craft without a parachute system to test the acrobatic capabilities of the craft and make sure they are not to abrupt for the Mayday. Extremely aggressive flying such as very rapid decent, flips, and 3d flying may cause a false deployment.

Can Mayday be used with two parachutes?

Of course! Mayday can supply plenty of current for dual servo use. To connect another servo to Mayday we recommend a servo Y cable. We do not recommend using a single cell lipo with multiple servos or large servos that use more current.

Is the Mayday reusable?

Absolutely! The Mayday can be used over and over!

Can the Mayday be updated?

The Mayday can be updated with the Mayday software found here.

With this system, can I now fly over people?

No matter how safe your aircraft is, we never advise users to fly over people, as the risk is far too great.

Respect those beneath you by not putting them in harm’s way. Remember – these aircraft are big, heavy and sharp. Combine that with altitude & airspeed, and you have a potentially lethal object at work.

My Mayday didn’t deploy or falsely deployed, and the aircraft crashed – What Will Mayday Do For Me?

We never like to hear of a crash, and even more, we are sorry this has taken place! However, outside of  warranty related matters with the Mayday system, Mayday cannot be held liable or responsible for any failure, as far too many variables exist when it comes to proper Mayday activation and use.

If you feel that your system is not functioning correctly, please reach out to Mayday under the “Contact Us” link above, and we will do our very best to assist you!

Mayday Disclaimer:

We (Mayday Boards) are not responsible for any damage to property, or injury that may occur during use of our product. This includes, but is not limited to, any damages that can occur when the device fails to perform correctly. We are not responsible for any damage or injury that may occur if the device accidentally activates (i.e. releases a parachute) when no crash or aircraft failure is occurring. We are also not responsible for any damage or injury that may occur if the device fails to detect a crash.

Parachute Disclaimer:

As with anything in life, please be aware that any system, no matter how well designed, will have limitations. In the case of the Mars Parachute recovery systems, be aware that these systems are designed to reduce the fall speed of your aircraft by a massive margin, bringing your aircraft home safely with the least amount of damage to the aircraft or equipment. However, even with proper parachute deployment, aircraft damage can occur, so please be aware that even with a parachute recovery system, damage can occur upon touchdown. In regards to all MARS parachute recovery systems, MARS does not guarantee the recovery of your aircraft, nor can MARS be held responsible for any element of crash damage, property damage, injury or death. It is always the pilots responsibility to provide a safe & secure flight environment, while always keeping in mind the likelihood of failure in respect to people & property below. Any such incident or crash cannot / will not be covered by MARS, nor can MARS be held liable for any damages – monetary or otherwise. Please be aware that safe parachute deployment can be effected by a number of issues, such as wind, aircraft attitude, altitude (or lack thereof), airspeed, proper parachute packing, and any number of aerodynamic events that could compromise the effective deployment of the parachute recovery system. Again – it is always the responsibility of the pilot to maintain safe aircraft control. Even though a parachute recovery systems adds greatly to the reliability & safety of the aircraft, a parachute recovery system has limitations, and it is the pilots responsibility to maintain safety for people & property at all times.