Making drones safer.



Lightweight durable plastic case: Made in the U.S. the case is a special lightweight polymer perfect for flight applications.

Small exterior dimensions: Lenth(1.5″) Width(1.5″) Height(.5″)

Slew of sensors: With 4 sensors on 3 axis you know Mayday has you and your craft covered.

Wide input voltage range: The mayday can accept 3V all the way up to 12.6v.

Ultra bright LED: The Mayday has an ultra bright LED for easy visibility even in daylight.


2 button interface: With only 2 buttons the Mayday is extremely easy to navigate and use.

Standard servo connectors: Using standard servo connectors for input and output the Mayday is Quick and easy to set up.

USB interface: equipped with a USB interface the Mayday can be updated and report useful information back to the user.

Lightweight: only .5oz (14g)