MARS lite 36



– Incredibly Light Weight
– Compact Footprint
– Low Cost
– Simplistic Design
– Specifically Designed for the Phantom 1 & Phantom 2
– Incredibly Easy to Install
– Optional (2) Parachute System for Maximum Safety
– All Hardware Included
– Functional with Stock DJI Transmitter or Aftermarket Transmitter System
– Mayday” Auto Deployment Ready
– No Issues with 9.4″ Propellers
– (1) Year Manufacturer Warranty


(1) 36″ MARS Lite 36 Series Parachute System
(1) Micro Servo
(1) Servo Actuated Deployment System
(1) Mounting Kit System


Weight: 2.1 oz. (59.5g)
Parachute Deployment: Gravity / Aerodynamic Drag
Parachute Size: 36″ (91.44cm)
Servo Type: TBA


MARS Lite Series 36 – The Light Weight, Cost Effective Phantom Solution

Designed specifically for the DJI Phantom 1 & Phantom 2, MARS has gone to great lengths to provide a light weight, compact and affordable safety solution for the most popular aircraft in the skies today – safety & security that has been custom designed to bring your aircraft back to terra firma, safe & sound.

Weighing in at 2.1 oz., the Series 36 system is half the weight of the MARS MINI V2, providing key safety & security in the event of an aircraft malfunction. Instead of a high energy deployment spring, the Series 36 uses the aerodynamic drag of the aircraft’s descent to deploy the parachute, allowing a much lighter weight system with an incredibly minimal footprint. This system requires more altitude to deploy effectively when compared to the MINI V2, but reduces size, weight & cost by nearly half.

Developed specifically for the Phantom 1 & Phantom 2, the Series 36 comes with all the necessary hardware to bolt to the aircraft with ease, utilizing micro servo technology for parachute deployment. Easy to assemble and deploy, the user has the choice of a (1) parachute system, or for the maximum & recommended level of safety & security, a (2) parachute system for a total of 72″ of parachute protection.

Unlike the MARS MINI V2 that requires an 8″ prop size for necessary clearance, the Series 36 allows 8″ or 9.4″ props to be used without issue due to the under mount system. Further this benefit with a cost reduction by nearly half when compared to the MARS MINI V2, the Series 36 strikes a beautiful balance between safety & cost effectiveness that will add that extra measure of protection every time you take to the skies.

Fully capable of being utilized with the stock DJI transmitter via the tilt lever, an aftermarket transmitter system via the gear channel, or the all new “Mayday” auto deployment system, the Series 36 is the perfect pairing for the Phantom 1 & 2 series, allowing a massive increase in safety with every flight you take.

For the Phantom 1 & 2 pilot looking for safety on a budget, trust the MARS Lite Series 36 – safety, sanity & security at a cost that can be afforded by any Phantom pilot today.


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