MARS P3 Lite


– Incredibly Light Weight
– Compact Footprint
– Low Cost
– Simplistic Design
– Specifically Designed for the Phantom 3
– Incredibly Easy to Install
– Optional (2) Parachute System for Maximum Safety
– All Hardware Included
– Mayday” Auto Deployment Ready (not included)
– No Issues with 9.4″ Propellers
– (1) Year Manufacturer Warranty

(1) 36″ MARS P3 Lite Parachute System
(1) Micro Servo
(1) Servo Actuated Deployment System
(1) Mounting Kit System
Weight: 2.3 oz. (65.2g)
Parachute Deployment: Gravity / Aerodynamic Drag
Parachute Size: 36″ (91.44cm)
Servo Type: Analog


Designed specifically for the DJI Phantom 3 the MARS P3 Lite is a lightweight, compact and affordable safety solution for the Phantom 3.

Weighing in at 2.3 oz., the P3 Lite system is about half the weight of the MARS MINI V2, providing key safety & security in the event of an aircraft malfunction. Like it’s predecessor, the Series 36 Lite, the P3 Lite uses the aerodynamic drag of the aircraft’s descent to deploy the parachute, allowing a much lighter weight system with an incredibly minimal footprint. This system requires more altitude to deploy effectively when compared to the MINI V2, but reduces size, weight & cost by nearly half.

Developed specifically for the Phantom 3, the P3 Lite comes with all the necessary hardware to bolt to the aircraft with ease, utilizing micro servo technology for parachute deployment. Easy to assemble and deploy, the user has the choice of a (1) parachute system, or for the maximum & recommended level of safety & security, a (2) parachute system for added reliability. For the MARS P3 Lite, the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal from the deployment device should be set to under 100 Hz. Analog servos can be damaged with high frequency. Caution should be taken, as the servo can become very hot and sustain irreversible damage within seconds.

At MARS, our staff of engineers have gone to exceptional lengths to design every product we offer with a keen focus on reliability, safety, functionality and security. With all our products, countless hours have been spent testing and re-testing each and every product – looking for any weakness or fault that would lead us to a greater path of reliability & protection. After countless real life field tests with our products, we feel that we have designed a system that adds tremendously to the safety margin of your aircraft, providing you and your aircraft with the utmost in safety & security with every flight you take. More than anything, we hope you never need to use our parachute systems; however, when you do, we feel that you will agree to the fact that the MARS systems pay for themselves time and again, bringing your aircraft home , safe & sound. As with anything in life, please be aware that any system, no matter how well designed, will have limitations. In the case of all MARS parachute recovery systems, please be 100% aware that these systems are designed to reduce the fall speed of your aircraft by a massive margin, bringing your aircraft home safely with the least amount of damage to the aircraft or equipment. However, even with proper parachute deployment, aircraft damage can occur, so please be aware that even with a parachute recovery system, damage can occur upon touchdown. In regards to all MARS parachute recovery systems, MARS does not guarantee the recovery of your aircraft, nor can MARS be held responsible for any element of crash damage, property damage, injury or death. It is always the pilots responsibility to provide a safe & secure flight environment, while always keeping in mind the likelihood of failure in respect to people & property below. Any such incident or crash cannot / will not be covered by MARS, nor can MARS be held liable for any damages – monetary or otherwise. Please be aware that safe parachute deployment can be effected by a number of issues, such as wind, aircraft attitude, altitude (or lack thereof), airspeed, proper parachute packing, and any number of aerodynamic events that could compromise the effective deployment of the parachute recovery system. Again – it is always the responsibility of the pilot to maintain safe aircraft control. Even though a parachute recovery systems adds greatly to the reliability & safety of the aircraft, a parachute recovery system has limitations, and it is the pilots responsibility to maintain safety for people & property at all times.


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